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UKUTULA animals are tagged with ECOscan

ECOscan is the new Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) tag system that allows owners to have a constant track record of their animals. This device/system is developed to be a powerful administrative engine and a specialised tool to help wildlife owners to keep record of their animals – even when sold to a new owner!

This uniquely designed animal filing and administration system, allows animal owners to control, organise and manage wildlife from an office or home. Overhead scanners can track wildlife in any area or at water points while recording their feeding behavior and tracing their every move. Constant updates or changes of assets (animals) are delivered directly to your phone or media device. Owners can also update your animals’ details while staying in touch with their veterinarian and ensuring that all the documentation stays in order. Ecoscan lists various activities and helps with transfer of ownership, proof of ownership, pedigree background, identifies stolen animals, creates research opportunities and more.


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