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UCC & Biobank – Projects & Research Publications


Current Research Projects at the UCC & Biobank

Since 2006, numerous professional mammal research studies have been conducted by various scientific research institutions and professionals at Ukutula Game Reserve.
Presently the Ukutula Conservation Center (UCC) & Biobank is hosting a number of research projects by various academic institutions and international researchers and post-graduate students, including a long-term study on the endocrine/hormonal changes in the lioness and its influence on reproduction, a study on the effect of cub/wildlife-interaction on human connection with wildlife and their relationships with nature, as well as various other projects on feline reproduction and cryopreservation of genetic material of endangered wildlife species.

UCC Research Results

At the Ukutula Conservation Center (UCC), research is conducted by scientists, veterinarians and zoologists form various research and academic institutions globally.

Research results are published in international scientific and subject journals and these results contribute tremendously towards various conservation challenges.

Some of these results are linked below – please just CLICK on the image to reveal more information.

UCC & Biobank

Conserving and Preserving Wildlife Genetic Diversity.

Reproductive Research

Semen collection via urethral catheter in exotic feline and canine species.

Reproductive Research

Lion sperm morphology.

Reproductive & Genetic Research

The tiger genome and comparative analysis with lion and snow leopard genomes.

Reproductive Research

Establishing Assisted Reproductive Technologies as a Conservation Tool for Wild Cats.

Reproductive Research

Improved semen collection method for wild felids: Urethral catheterization yields high sperm quality in African lions (Panthera leo).

Research Publications & Research/Conservation Associates

Lion Numbers
Lion Range Decrease