Since our inception in 2006, UKUTULA has taken a stand against the hunting of predators. We do not make a distinction between so-called “ethical” and “unethical” hunting, as the killing of animals for sport or pleasure stands in sharp contrast to our belief that we are caretakers of our wildlife.
Captive animals in particular are deserving of special care and consideration as their well-being and comfort become not only our responsibility, but our duty.
Whether for educational purposes or for research, cruelty of any kind towards an animal can never be tolerated . . . view more

The Ukutula Conservation Center (UCC) is located within the Ukutula Private Game Reserve, conveniently situated within an hours drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria.
The game reserve comprises 260 hectares of unspoiled bushveld boasting a variety of antelope species, giraffe and zebra. Ukutula is also home to various big cat and other predator species as well as more than 130 different bird species.
The UCC is a world-class research, conservation and wildlife/nature education facility, specializing in mammal research and predator conservation. The UCC also includes a Genetic Bio-Bank for endangered wildlife species. All animal procedures at UCC are conducted with full veterinarian support and assistance, treating ALL animals with respect, dignity and compassion.
Research and conservation projects at the UCC are managed by the UCC and its research partners and associates on a highly sustainable basis to ensure the long-term conservation and scientific research contribution by the UCC . . . read more

Since their inception in 2006, Ukutula Game Reserve has supported and applied the IUCN’s One-Plan-Approach to species conservation and animal breeding principals where animal breeding is considered an important part of conservation management as stipulated in terms of the Convention of Biodiversity held in 1994.

The IUCN recommends that captive breeding programmes for wildlife should be founded before the in situ (wild) population becomes so unstable that any interference will further aggravate its decline. Presently this situation is becoming a serious global challenge and reality in the case of various endangered mammal species, including lion and cheetah populations – read more …


UKUTULA Conservation Center (UCC)



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