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Current Research Projects at the UCC & Biobank

Since 2006, numerous professional mammal research studies have been conducted by various scientific research institutions and professionals at Ukutula Game Reserve.
Presently the Ukutula Conservation Center (UCC) & Biobank is hosting a number of research projects by various academic institutions and international researchers and post-graduate students, including a long-term study on the endocrine/hormonal changes in the lioness and its influence on reproduction, a study on the effect of cub/wildlife-interaction on human connection with wildlife and their relationships with nature, as well as various other projects on feline reproduction and cryopreservation of genetic material of endangered wildlife species.

UCC Research Results

At the Ukutula Conservation Center (UCC), research is conducted by scientists, veterinarians and zoologists form various research and academic institutions globally.

Research results are published in international scientific and subject journals and these results contribute tremendously towards various conservation challenges.

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WORLD FIRST at Ukutula

A lioness at the Ukutula Private Game Reserve (ukutula.com), in the North West Province, South Africa, has given birth to two cubs conceived via non-surgical artificial insemination (AI), using fresh semen collected from an adult male lion at the same facility. These are the first ever lion cubs to be born by means of artificial insemination – a world first achievement.

Mr Willi Jacobs, owner of Ukutula and founder of the UCC & Biobank (ucc-biobank.org), and Dr Isabel Callealta, proudly confirmed the birth of the cubs on Saturday, 25th August 2018.

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Sharing Research Knowledge at Ukutula

Dr Imke Lueders, renowned international veterinarian and feline reproductive specialist, hosted in 2019 the first ever international Feline Medicine & Reproduction Workshop at the Ukutula Conservation Center & Biobank, South Africa.
Dr Lueders has been involved with feline research at Ukutula for more than 10 years and is also one of the directors at the Ukutula Conservation Center & Biobank.

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The Value of the Research at Ukutula

Ukutula owner & founder of the UCC & Biobank, Willi Jacobs,  explains the VALUE of the Ukutula lion research conducted by scientists, veterinarians and zoologists form various research and academic institutions globally. He also explains why lions are used as model species and how the research results contribute  towards various conservation challenges involving other endangered species as well.

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