Ukutula Conservation Center (UCC) & Biobank

The Ukutula Conservation Center is the result of the visionary efforts of owners, Willi & Jill Jacobs. The planning of the UCC started shortly after they bought the farm in 2006, with numerous professional mammal research studies already completed by various scientific research institutions and professionals over the past few years.

The UCC aims to establish itself as a world-class research and Conservation facility, specializing in Wildlife Research and Predator Conservation. Presently the UCC is in the process of being equipped with a state of the art Genetic Bio-Bank for endangered wildlife.

UCC are managed and operated by a group of highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals, dedicated to wildlife conservation and the preservation of Bio- and Genetic Diversity. All animal procedures at UCC are conducted with full veterinarian support and assistance, treating ALL animals with respect, dignity and compassion.

Research and conservation projects at the UCC are managed by the UCC and its research partners and associates on a highly sustainable basis to ensure the long-term conservation and scientific research contribution by the UCC – for more detail CLICK HERE and to view some of our research publications, CLICK HERE

Since their inception in 2006, Ukutula Reserve has supported the IUCN’s One-Plan-Approach (OPA) to species conservation and animal breeding principals where animal breeding is considered an important part of conservation management as stipulated in terms of the Convention of Biodiversity held in 1994.

Willi & Gill Jacobs

Willi & Gill Jacobs

Ukutula is Registered as:

  • Captive Breeding Facility

  • Commercial Exhibition Facility

  • Rhino Rehabilitation Facility

UCC Wildlife Research & Conservation Education Advisory Committee

Dr Imke Lüders
Dr Imke LüdersVeterinarian
Director of Vet Services, Research and Conservation Projects: GEOLIFES
Founder: ProFETURA – Alliance for Wildlife Conservation Breeding
Dr. GS Scheepers
Dr. GS ScheepersVeterinarian
Veterinarian: Zodiac Animal Clinic, South Africa
Christelle Kotze
Christelle KotzeVeterinary Technologist
Qualified and award-winning Veterinary Technologist, full-time associated with the UCC & Biobank
Willi Jacobs
Willi JacobsUCC & Biobank: Founder & CEO
Owner of Ukutula Lodge & Game Reserve since 2006. Willi is also the visionary founder & CEO of the UCC & Biobank as well as the new Ukutula Cheetah Clinic.
Dr MJ Grundlingh
Dr MJ GrundlinghZoologist
Professional Zoologist and Conservationist
Founder: Wildlife Education Foundation (WEF), Wildlife Author, Researcher & Filmmaker

Research Publications & Research/Conservation Associates