Who we are

The new Ukutula Conservation Center is a world-class research and Conservation facility, specializing in Wildlife Research and Predator Conservation. The UCC also includes a state of the art Genetic Bio-Bank for endangered mammal species.
UCC are managed and operated by a group of highly qualified, skilled and experienced professionals, dedicated to wildlife conservation and the preservation of Bio- and Genetic Diversity. All animal procedures at the UCC are conducted with full veterinarian support and assistance, treating ALL animals with respect, dignity & compassion.

Research and conservation projects at the UCC are managed by the UCC and its research partners and associates on a highly sustainable basis to ensure the long-term conservation and scientific research contribution by the UCC – Read more

The independent UCC & Biobank are situated within the Ukutula Private Game Reserve, North West Province, South Africa.
The UKUTULA Game Reserve is registered and permitted as:

  1. Captive Breeding Facility
  2. Commercial Exhibition Facility
  3. Rhino Rehabilitation Facility

Ukutula’s management plan also provides for animal rescue, research and education. In addition, Ukutula supports the IUCN’s One-Plan-Approach to Species Conservation and Animal Breeding Principals – read more …

What we do

Predator Conservation

Why: Africa's large mammals decreased by 90 - 98% since 1804!

Predator Conservation

The UCC is pro-active in ensuring the survival of Africa’s large predators through professional captive breeding, research & conservation programs – CLICK HERE for more info

Research & Bio-Bank

International Scientific Research & Bio-Preservation Projects

Mammal Research & Bio-Bank

Internationally accredited scientific research projects by professional scientists, veterinarians & zoologists . . . CLICK HERE to view more

Wildlife Courses

Wildlife & Conservation Education - contact us for more detail.

Wildlife & Nature Courses

Various professional wildlife and nature courses available – CLICK HERE to read more.

Community Support

Wildlife & Conservation Education Projects

Community Support

Skills development & training programs in support of conservation education – CLICK HERE to view more.

Decline in Predator Population Numbers

Globally ALL large mammal numbers have decrease at a shocking rate over the last 200 years (90 – 98%) – mainly due to direct and indirect destructive human actions!
In fact, “wild” lion populations throughout much of Africa are heading towards extinction more rapidly than previously thought, decreasing from ±1,2 million (1800) to less than 18 000 (2018) with more than 30% decrease over just 3 years (2015 – 2018).
In fact, for the first time in history – there are presently LESS lions than rhinos in Africa!!!
As an apex African predator, this drastic decline in lion numbers, highlights a much wider global conservation crisis.

Lion ↓

Why Reproductive & Genetic Research?

  • Drastic decline in ALL wild mammal populations in Africa over last 200 years (90 – 98%)
  • Drastic decline in lion population numbers globally (± 94%+ over last 200 years)
  • Drastic decline in cheetah population numbers (± 6 600 surviving)
  • Drastic decline in tiger population numbers (± 98%+ decline since 1800)
  • Lack of genetic and other bio-data for captive breeding programs
  • Lack of long-term genetic management strategies for captive bred predators
  • Lack of genetic preservation for future conservation purposes
  • Preservation of healthy & strong genetic pool for future generations

Research Publications & Research/Conservation Associates